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USAID Capital Markets Project
Financial Instruments Development / Overview



Capital Markets Regulatory and Supervisory Framework
(Institutional Strengthening)

Capital Markets Infrastructure

Legal and Regulatory Reform of Capital Markets

Pension Reform

Financial Instruments Development
Electronic System of Comprehensive Information Disclosure (ESCRIN)
Pilot Project on Implementation of ESCRIN
Hotline On Pension Reform Issues HOTLINE on
Pension Reform

The Capital Markets Project will assist in the development of new financial instruments that will provide better investment diversification for investors, pension funds and retirement savings accounts, and will encourage full, timely and accurate disclosure of financial results and related information to allow investors to form intelligent strategic decisions and investment strategies.

Technical assistance will also be provided to market regulators to encourage effective market oversight, full and timely disclosure of material matters, and assist in supervision and exchanges and trading systems with the aim of ensuring the integrity of the marketplace by deterring price manipulation and unfair trading practices.

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